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Current Vacancies

Before we talk about jobs, let’s talk about HOW we do ours

We aim to mirror a brave, modern world where thriving smiles on the courageous, values the agile and rewards problem-solvers like never before. We think few endeavors are more satisfying than the ones we put ourselves out there for. So we celebrate people who fall in love with a problem and then courageously address it with a relentlessness that amaze processes and mediocrity.

Don’t we all want what we do to matter, to mean something? We think so, so for nearly 5 years we’ve been pioneering the digital world, and shaping it on behalf of our clients. Helping transform businesses, reimagine problems and deliver customer experiences that drive impactful outcomes. Through it all, one thing that has been remained constant—our people are the secret to our success.

Because we believe that HOW you do anything is everything.

We have multiple openings, mail us at: careers@alcrucis.com

“We are looking for engineers who want to be in the forefront of changing industries and businesses, and working on really complex problems.”

Amit Magar, CEO

Fun at Work

We organize various activities, fun fridays, company outings in Alcrucis which makes working here more enjoyable.

Culture and Ethics

We believe that core of success is having strong culture and ethics, our culture consists of employee-friendly policies, core values and ethics.


Get a successful product that is not only visually attractive but is customized to users’ needs as well with the help of a human centered approach and design thinking.