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Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services enabling organizations manage applications to adopt new technologies in optimized-cost.

As with growing customers amount of data continues to grow and also software systems complexity grows makes it difficult for organizations to maintain these systems. It is important to have seamless IT services to be able to meet expectations of growing customer base. With extended or dedicated team at Alcrucis, Managed Services, can enable organizations to drive growth, minimize downtime, and improve operational efficiency of applications.

Alcrucis’s Managed Services team comes with flexibility and remote support, enabling organizations optimize and manage a applications to rapidly adopt new technologies. Our expert consultants and experts enable your process automation to accelerate turnaround time and streamline operations. Our solutions and proven technology expertise help enterprises improve margins, future-proof business, additional value to customers at optimized cost

From Prototypes to Product launch

Application Maintenance

Enabling application maintenance organizations experience reduced outages, improved performance and efficiency.

Managed Infrastructure Services

Achieve better turnaround agility, scalability, flexibility and security of IT infrastructure with Alcrucis’s Managed Infrastructure Services.

Performance Engineering

End to end performance engineering from performance tracking, database optimization, servers/cloud optimization and scaling Web/API.


DevOps enablement programs provides zero touch deployments and bring cultural changes in teams with end-to-end automation of operations.

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