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API Management

API Management

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) management adds efficiency, agility, and innovation, simplifying its usage and gaining a competitive advantage.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have changed the way products are architected , designed, developed, sold and maintained. Lot of organizations across all industries are gearing up for digital transformation using APIs. API management adds efficiency, agility, and innovation, simplifying its usage and gaining a competitive advantage. API management solutions are becoming the key for integrating devices, various internal and external software systems, different services and large amounts of data, APIs takes organizations to next level by ensuring ease of access, security and monetization.

Alcrucis’s expertise in API management solutions provide a great deal of usability in partner engagement, API access and analytics, it’s important to provide security against threats, attacks and build a trusted model to various services. Service gateways ensure these aspects of service management along with much in demand data transformation.

Our team understands ‘Full lifecycle API management’ i.e. planning, design, implementation, publication, operation, consumption, maintenance and retirement of APIs. We have expertise of all of the functions of Application Service Governance of product life cycle.

Alcrucis has significant experience in a variety of API management solutions on various platforms. Our work spans across on premise, cloud, and hybrid models of API management solutions. Alcrucis provides everything from quality assurance, support, professional services and technical publications for API management solutions.

From Prototypes to Product launch

API Protection

We can help organizations set-up security configurations and policies to prevent attacks, streamline deployment, development, and operation of APIs.

Billing & Metering

Achieve Monetization of API’s by strong metering capability,analytics of usage, subscription plans also possibility of customization.

Dev Portal

Alcrucis’s expertise in web product development helps API Providers customize developer portals for organizations.

Traffic Management

API traffic management helps API providers to set different policies by authentication and authorization, routing and data transformation.

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